Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Update on Spring and Flowers (or Lack Thereof)

So, I recently posted about the rose vines (here) in front of our house that needed a trim and a little TLC.  Well, the good news is that the trimming did not turn out to be my responsibility.  The bad news is that the guy to maintains our building decided the vines were overgrown and that it was time to get rid of them, even as there were buds on the vines about to bloom.  Sadly, they are now gone.

Here's the updated appearance, sans roses.

View from the house looking across the street. The big blue bag holds the remains of the roses.

A lovely tree down the street from our house. And a familiar little blond boy under the street sign!

I love the yellow flowers visible from our bedroom window. So cheerful! Also visible is the grill that came with our house. We intend to inspect the grill soon and grill some burgers once we clean it up.

Bonn is also famous for having beautiful cherry blossom trees. So far, the smaller trees are blooming but the bigger ones still have a few weeks.  More pictures to come!

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