Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Break Activities and Adventures - Part 1

We started off Spring Break this year with a bang. Not really. Half of spring break this year will be consumed with completing driver's license activities described in this post.   Luckily, in German schools, Jackson gets 2 weeks of break for Easter holidays! And even more luckily, Matthew is off work for all of it!

We plan on spending the first week as a "staycation", enjoying local hikes and being tourists in our own town (which we sort of really are), in between driver's license appointments and hopefully checking some of those items off the long list. 

Since we had not planned to travel immediately, we were lucky to be in town on Saturday, the first day of break, when Jackson's teacher got married!  The class was not invited to the wedding, but the room mom coordinated for the kids to be standing outside the church with handmade flowers as part of the couple's exiting processional. Here are some pictures of the bride & groom and all the kids:

Jackson waiting for the bride & groom to exit

Yesterday, we visited Germany's longest & highest suspension bridge, which is about an hour drive from our house.  There are multiple hikes in the area, or you can choose a gravel path from the town to the bridge.  We took the path to the bridge & then opted to hike back to town afterwards through the woods & hills. (The path is super easy & would accommodate strollers too).

View looking back at the town from the path to the bridge. This area looked so flat when we arrived, but is really very hilly with deep ravines.

Being silly.  They weren't afraid of the bridge at all!

On our hike back. We all returned covered in dirt!

You can see the bridge at the top of this picture

So pretty. Much of this hike reminded us of our hikes in Colorado.

The town

Instead of taking the highways back, we drove through backwoods and they were beautiful. Twisty roads that felt like we were in the middle of nowhere in the mountains. And then we would round a turn and see castles and quaint little towns and remember that we were actually in Germany!

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