Sunday, January 15, 2017

Gluten Free in Prague

We highly enjoyed our trip to Prague and the experience was greatly enhanced by the fantastic gluten free food we found!  I scoured TripAdvisor, blogs, and Celiac sites for restaurant options, made a list and plotted out a number of restaurants on a map so that we could be as spontaneous as possible in our sight-seeing (a hard task with Celiac).  I was pleasantly surprised throughout the trip to see several additional cafes with gluten free options, which had not been listed on any of the sties I had searched. (I'm now adding these to TripAdvisor).

Below is a list of the restaurants and cafes we visited, along with our selections.

1.  Svejk Restaurant U Karla - This restaurant has an entire gluten free menu of traditional Czech food!  When we travel, we prefer to experience the traditional food of our destination, which can be difficult to do with a gluten free requirement, so this restaurant was awesome!  The menu was so extensive that we ate here twice, and Brandtley tried schnitzel for the first (maybe only) time!
They serve gluten free beer in addition to tradition selections

Beef Goulash with Dumplings - available gluten free

Jackson ordered an entire pork knuckle...and finished it off!  

Being goofy to show his excitement for schnitzel!

2. Al Riso - This is actually an Italian restaurant, but is 100% gluten free! We all traded bites and shared food, including pasta which was so good you would never guess it was gluten free.
Brandtley happily dipping his bread in the shared olive oil

3. Como Restaurant - A Mediterranean restaurant on Wenceslas square.  A bit more upscale, but not expensive or dressy for brunch, which was perfect for a family meal.
Lovely atmosphere with outdoor seating under the awning with heaters in the winter

4. The famous and historical Cafe Louvre - We visited Cafe Louvre for breakfast.  Does not have many gluten free options, but had a gluten free apple coffee cake on the menu.  We ordered this for Brandtley along with soft-boiled eggs and fruit - both of which are among the only naturally "safe" foods for him without having to be designated gluten free by the restaurant.  Since the eggs come served in the shell, we help him peel/crack them and the insides are gloriously gluten free!  Other than liking to eat soft-boiled eggs myself, I love love love that these are readily available in Europe, making eating out for breakfast a somewhat easy reality for us.

5. Diversion Bistro - This cafe was not on any of the sites that I searched, but they have several gluten free options on the menu.  Also, I had not found many restaurant options on the west side of the river, but we stumbled across this one and stopped in for lunch. It's a tiny place and the owner was very accommodating to Brandtley's needs when we explained that he could not eat gluten.

The fit health breakfast was easy to adjust to gluten free by ordering the hard-boiled eggs and leaving out the muesli and toast.  We also left off the cornflakes and the owner increase the amounts of the other items to accommodate the proportions.

6.  There were a number of coffee shops that have gluten free macarons or other gluten free cakes/cookies.  One that we stumbled across was right next to the Kino Lucerna (next door to Restaurant Monarchie) but I unfortunately can't find the name of it now, which had gluten free cake options.  We also went to Restaurant Monarchie one night before seeing a movie at the Kino, but Restaurant Monarchie does not have any gf menu items.  Thankfully we were prepared with a separate container of food for B.  Another was Bakeshop Cafe & Bistro where we enjoyed macarons and meringues.

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