Sunday, January 22, 2017

Step-by-Step Guide to a Super [Indoor] Barbecue: A European American Experience

Like true Americans, we knew the newly used wood fired stove necessitated a celebration with s'mores.  I had seen marshmallows in a bottom-shelf corner of the candy aisle at the grocery store. I was leery due to their obscure placement, but these turned out to be quite the find.

Let's start with the question who these are marketed towards:

Next, upon closer review, I found the most useful guide as to what to do with these fluffy sweet blobs of sugar.  Who knew eating marshmallows was such a detailed process?  However, might as well do it right.

Step 1: Stick the marshmallows on a skewer:

Note: do not eat the uncooked marshmallow:

Step 2: Keep the stick approx. 20 cm above the heat. Do not hold the mallows in the flames to avoid burning:
(Note: it helps to look at the mallow while performing this step or you may eat ashes. Possibly an experience in our home this evening)

Step 3: Keep on turning the stick to obtain a caramelized outer skin with a liquid molten layer underneath. (But sometimes it's hard to wait):

Step 4: Let the marshmallows cool down. (A difficult step for a 4 year old.)

Step 5: Enjoy your snack:

(ashes pictured on one side of the marshmallow above)

And the result?? We found the European marshmallows to be far superior for an even caramelizing, without any blacked or burned areas. Though if you like the blackened bits, you may be disappointed. The flavor also differed significantly and tasted of vanilla beans. And the texture was not quite as puffy, though it's hard to say if this was intentional or due to their sitting hidden on the bottom shelf of the store.

We attempted s'mores too, but I was unable to find gluten free graham crackers and the gf chocolate is very dark. So, we had European s'mores with vanilla bean marshmallows on dark chocolate sandwiched between almond shortbread butter "keks".  There was no lack of sugar and the kids were not disappointed. 😉


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