Thursday, January 19, 2017

Where are the bugs?

Today as I was helping the kids pick up toys in the basement, I grabbed a stuffed animal and a small, dark green matchbox car rolled out from under it.  I jumped back as if it were going to bite me. Then realized how absurd that was since it was just a car.  A car that I automatically thought was a (very) large bug.

And I realized that we have lived in this house since the first week of November, and I have yet to see a bug.

Not that I'm complaining!  But I'm mystified.  Where are the bugs?

All of the houses I've lived in have had bugs of some sort.  Our last house had a lady bugs.  It didn't help that the kids though they were cute & would bring them inside as pets.  The house in Texas had roaches. Ugh. I still can't get over that one.  Granted, it was 80 years old on a pier & beam foundation which often had water under it.  We did all we could, but they would still show up on occasion. We've had houses with termites, spiders, and even scorpions.  But to date, I haven't seen any bugs here.

The kids once told me they saw a spider in the bathroom, but I looked & never found it. Of course, it is freezing right now, but wouldn't that make them come inside??

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