Thursday, December 22, 2016

We are all a little weird, right?

 Or quirky. Quirky sounds better. Either way, here are three new things I've found to confirm my own weirdness...

1. I have found that I have an endless love and amusement for the funky mix of US & European music that is played everywhere...department stores, radio stations, you name it.  You might be in a nice store and instead of elevator music, you'll hear Eminem, followed by Hey Jude, followed by a French reggae song, followed by a techno version of Jolene. Yes, that really exists.  I heard it today.  And in a bizarre way, it just brightened my day. Sometimes I almost laugh out loud while shopping. But then all of the German people would really think I'm weird.

2. Calling my friends & family who live in large cities: Please tell me I'm not some type of psycho voyeur for liking the view of all of my neighbors' windows.  It's not like I stare at them. But it's somehow comforting to look out and see their lights and Christmas trees across the back yards.  Almost like I have extra Christmas decorations that I didn't have to put up and won't have to put away.

This picture really doesn't do it can't see the Christmas trees. :)

3. I've discovered I like liverwurst.  Really!  The Germans have a love of all sorts of ...errr... interesting meat products and aspics. And they have such a wide selection sold at every meat counter, that I'm assuming that people must actually eat these on a regular basis. I have no idea what most of these are called, what's in them, or even how you would serve them.  The most interesting one I've seen so far looked like spam with a gelatin Christmas tree inserted in the middle of it.

Anyway, I digress. Today, I stopped by the butcher shop near Jackson's school to buy lamb for Christmas day.  I've avoided the butcher until now due to my lack of German vocabulary and stuck to the grocery's meat counter, which is easier, though limited. But I studied prior to today's trip.  Unfortunately, the conversation didn't go in the direction I had hoped, since they were out of the cut I wanted and then we had to discuss alternative options.  While we were discussing, a man came in and made a joke involving the words "English" and "Deutschland" which I vaguely understood.  The woman clearly felt sorry for me afterwards and gave me a free tube of their housemade leberwurst as I was leaving, saying it was their best. (Or perhaps she didn't feel sorry for me and it's just a normal thing to give out liverwurst at Christmas time??)

So, tonight the boys and I tried our first liverwurst sandwiches on gluten free bread and, we all agreed it was SO good!  Another view of the butcher shop...

4. Germany has far superior squirrels. This isn't really about my own weirdness, but sort of fit with the theme... so I threw it in as a bonus.  See the red fur and long tufts of hair coming from the ears??  I'll try to get a better picture so that you can fully appreciate the prowess of the ears.

And on that note, I'll bid you a Frohe Weinachten!  Tschüss!

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