Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Whirlwind Road Trip Part IV: Tongeren, Belgium and Maastricht, Netherlands

On Sunday, we drove into Belgium to visit Tongeren for the antique market, which is held every Sunday morning.  This market was extensive!  And so fun to wander through for hours!  Even the kids got into it and got so excited to look at "old stuff"!

One small alley lined with antiques that had been brought outside for the market.

We spontaneously visited this church, which had a walk-through nativity story set up inside.

Part of the walk-through nativity

This statue of Ambiorix is in the square in front of the church in Tongeren.  Ambiorix led a revolt against the Romans (c 54 BC). Although he was forced to submit to the Romans a year later, Caesar later wrote that the Belgae were the bravest of all the Gauls.

On our way back home later that afternoon, we stopped in Maastricht, Netherlands to visit this bookstore inside an old church.  

The bookstore even had a cafe.  More Cafe Latte & heiße Milch for all!

We also fell in love with Maastricht and hope to go back again to explore further.  It's hard to describe just how magical the cities feel, all decorated for Christmas as you walk through in the dark.  The lights and architecture are just beautiful.



  1. J's photography skills are great! I love that last picture. Although there aren't any pictures in this blog that I don't love. Ha!

  2. Joanna, your baby boys will treasure these memories their whole lives! I'm so happy for all of you guys :) Looked like such an amazing trip!

  3. Love the picture of Jackson pointing at the coffee cup. Caption: "THIS."