Sunday, December 4, 2016

Whirlwind Road Trip Part I: Siegburg's Medieval Christmas Market

We took our first road trip! We didn't go far, but crammed so much into just a few days that it was worth staying overnight instead of dividing into separate day trips.  Between Thursday and Sunday, we saw 6 new cities and traversed 3 countries, adding Belgium and the Netherlands to our list of countries.

First stop was not planned as part of the trip, but some friends were heading to a nearby town's Christmas market on Thursday night, so we joined them.  This one was fantastic with a medieval theme and some of the best food/beverage we've had at a market (which is saying something since it's all been great).

This one was so charming! The stalls were all lit by candles and even the items sold were medieval themed as well as the dress of all of the people working the market.  There were pigs roasting on spits (delicious!), hot honey mead, wood-carving, large fire pits,  and even a fortune-telling tent!  We didn't want to leave, but Jackson had school the next morning, so we left after only a few hours.

If you are in the area, I'd highly recommend the Siegburg medieval Christmas market.

 All of the festival workers were dressed in medieval garb.  There was a stage with performances including music and juggling.

A stall with animal furs.

A stall selling drinking horns

Pigs roasting on a spit. Brandtley had an awakening when he realized what that was & where his bacon comes from.  He didn't mind when the rest of us ate parts of those pigs, though.

A wooden hand-crank merry-go-round lit by candles in the lanterns above. The kids wanted to ride, and Matthew & I cranked it!

The bell on the merry-go-round which we rung when we started and when we stopped. The crank handles are on the center post next to Matthew.

Fire juggling performance

Fortune teller



  1. So do people there really use drinking horns? Or are they a novelty? I'm wondering how to set them down between sips. Or, maybe you'd purchase the shelf with holes to go with your horns?

    1. haha! I was wondering the same thing! I think they're just a novelty due to the market being a medieval theme. :)