Monday, November 7, 2016

6 Fun Things About Our House

I spent all of yesterday at home, awaiting deliveries.  Side note: the delivery services don't seem to be ok with leaving a package at the door.  I currently have an alarm clock waiting at a shipping facility for me to come pick it up since I wasn't home when they tried to deliver.

However, this time gave me the opportunity to more fully explore, in between screwing in the 256th IKEA screw and trying to remember which trash can to use. More on the trash later...once I get it figured out. ;)

Here are 6 fun things I thought you might enjoy learning about our house:

1. We live in the bottom half of a large home built in 1907 +/-.  We have the first floor (ground floor that you can see from the front picture below), the Souterrain (floor below - similar to a walk-out basement), and the floor below that which is the cellar and includes our laundry room.

2. This is our new washing machine.  It's wash cycle is 3+ hours.

I'm wondering if this button might help speed that up? (translation courtesy of Google Translate app)

3. This is our Swedish dryer. The instructions are all in Swedish. It's not like an American dryer but more like a dehumidifier that blows air at the clothes.  It can also take hours. Because of the time and the fact that electricity is expensive, most people just hang their clothes to dry on racks.

4. We have these really awesome outdoor window shades. They are electric & will go up or down with the press of a button.  When they are closed, they are completely light-blocking. Here's a pic of the front of the house with them closed.

5. All of our doors have cool old locks and keys. Including the cellar doors...If I disappear someday, it could be due to the kids locking me in the cellar. (We've already set the rules that the keys aren't to be touched, but if you know Brandtley, then you'll know that rules are made to be broken.  It's only a matter of time.)

6. Our microwave says I can put aluminum foil in it and grill meat. So there's that too. We'll make sure to invite you when we grill out. You can bring the fire extinguisher.



  1. Have you tried the "catapult speed" button on the washing machine yet? I'd have to give it a try! If the clothes go flying everywhere, you can post that picture!

  2. Your key looks very much like antique "skeleton" keys! I have several and remember when this type of key was used on house doors, mine (when I was a child) included. I love the window blinds! How nice that they can completely close out light. Good for daytime naps too.