Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Gluten Free at Drachenfels Restaurant

As many of you know, our younger son (age 4) was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 2 weeks prior to our move.  After a week or so of remorse for everything he would not be able to eat, I buckled down to try to find options for him in a foreign country & a foreign language, options both for immediate arrival as well as our future travels throughout Europe.  I was highly encouraged by the supermarket selections and labels, but the information I found for dining at restaurants was spotty at best.  Though some countries in Europe are highly aware of Celiac needs, I expect that eating out in Germany is going to be a challenge.

Thus, a second purpose for this blog is to document any successful or disappointing glutenfrei dining experiences.

The first restaurant we tried was Cassius Garten, which I wrote about in the first blog post and which I was very pleased with the selection and knowledge/information provided by the staff & menu.

Today we hiked Drachenfels and discovered that both the Drachenfels restaurant (at the top of the hill) as well as the Drachenberg cafe (at the castle), have menus that are notated for allergens & gluten.  We ate at the restaurant at the top and found the food to be very good.  I was not as confident in the staff's knowledge or care regarding cross contamination.  We ate outside on the patio and did not have a dedicated server there.  It may be better to make a reservation to sit inside the restaurant, where the wait staff could assist with specific needs & communication. We saw at least one other restaurant/outdoor cafe on the hill, but its menu was not notated for allergens.

Outdoor Drachenfels restaurant with a view.  
(The printed menus with allergen info are only inside, but the food outside is the same as inside)

Riesling Suppe.  Would be gluten free without the croutons. 
Thankfully this was my meal and not B's so I ate it anyway.

Herring with cream sauce and pan sautéed potatoes and small salad.  Gluten Free.


  1. What a remarkable coincidence that the kind of food B needs appears to more available where you are now, and just after his diagnosis! Perhaps glutton free is more available in U.S. cities, but certainly not in smaller towns that I am familiar with. This sounds so helpful. I am amazed that this is the case in other countries and am indeed thankful.

    1. Oh no - I would say it is not more available here! It is very very hard to find, especially in restaurants. Restaurants that have this type of indication are very rare and many people have no idea what you're talking about if you question gluten. I'm documenting it here to help others who might stumble across the blog, like have with others' blogs.