Monday, November 14, 2016

Bovine Statues and Red Rooms

We've noticed a theme among our homes...of bovine statues and red rooms. Around the corner from our last house, a home had a statue of a black & white dairy cow in their yard.  It would "dress up" for all of the major holidays including Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, 4th of July, etc.  We assumed the original owners were somehow affiliated with Chickfila. Why else would you have a cow statue in your yard?

I regret that I never took a picture of the cow decorated for the holidays. 
I had to pull this photo from Google maps.

When we visited our apartment in Bonn for the first time, we laughed because a few houses down is a statue of a bull. I can't imagine this one dressing up in a pink feather boa for Valentine's day.  But it did receive a hug & kiss from Brandtley a few days ago. :)

The second theme we noticed when we walked inside.  The living room is painted a dark, warm red. The first house we purchased, in Houston, had a red living room, and our most recent house in Atlanta had a red dining room.  Most German home interiors seem to be painted white or a light color, so this is unusual. Our landlord also made the comment that it is dark and expressed dislike for it, remarking that he could refer us a painter if we wanted to repaint. However, given our history, I find it cozy and comforting for now. 


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  1. Love your blog posts! Praying all continues to go well! Emily