Monday, November 7, 2016

Settling In

The past few days have been incredibly busy trying to do as many things that require a car as possible before returning our rental car yesterday afternoon - a second visit to Ikea, a trip to OBI (the German version of Home Depot), several more trips to the grocery store, two more trips to Vodafone (still no phone), the purchase of a bike for Matthew (this didn't really require a car, but it helped to get it home since he found it at a discount store south of town).

We also moved into our apartment...and moving in involved our 12 suitcases, an air mattress, and the purchased IKEA furniture!

We have a functional kitchen and all of our basic needs, but are ready for our furniture to arrive!!

We stumbled upon a French market vendor selling macarons that are gluten free! This little boy was so excited to find a treat he could eat!

Hot cherry Glühbier was found as well, but he did not partake:

I have successfully driven TWICE! :)  It's really not bad...but I haven't yet attempted to park on our street.  I felt proficient in parallel parking in Atlanta, but now I'll have a manual transmission and parking spots half the size. Also, since everyone (really, everyone) follows pedestrian & traffic rules, it is assumed that you will too.  Which is cool until a pedestrian walks out in front of you assuming you will stop since it is their turn to cross, and you're in 3rd gear and haven't driven a manual in 2 years. Don't worry, I haven't hit anyone. (yet?)

So, now we wait for our furniture and continue to settle in. There are still so many little things that we need to take care of.  The washing machine and microwave should be delivered today. Two more IKEA projects left to build. Waiting for the establishment of our German bank accounts which will allow us to (hopefully) finally set up our cell phones. Scheduling a school appointment for Jackson's registration and an appointment for his school physical.  Most likely a few more visits to OBI and borrowing a concrete drill. Plus, we think we've found a car to buy! Here's hoping that it works out!

By the way, did you know the walls in most homes here are concrete, not dry wall? Thus the drill...

Have a Happy Monday! Tschüss!


  1. Yay for macarons for Brandtley! I've got to ask ... how was the hot cherry Glühbier? Did it taste like a wine or a warm beer (which doesn't sound at all appetizing), or what?

  2. Macaroons that are gluten free, PRICELESS! So glad for B. Driving twice already and not hitting anyone... remarkable! You are courageously going where no Goodman has gone before. :-) Well, your great Uncle Bill was in Germany during his stint in the Army, but there's no comparison to his challenges and yours.

  3. Wonderful pictures. Almost as good as being there... well, maybe not! LOL, but we do enjoy seeing places you're going and things you are seeing. Thanks so much for your blog.