Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Two Advent Calendars, please...without alcohol

I don't usually post twice in one day, but this just had to be shared. Since December first is two days away, this afternoon we traveled to the magical land of Advent Calendars.  I.e. we walked 10 minutes to the beautiful department store with an entire department devoted to "Adventskalendaren". (Did I correctly make that plural? probably not...).  I have such wonderful memories growing up of opening tiny advent calendar doors every day each December and couldn't wait to share this with our boys.

While Matthew kept the kids occupied elsewhere, I devoted myself to reading ingredient lists to find a gluten-free advent calendar.   After about 10 minutes of looking, I noticed a few had a little speech bubble on the front that said "Ohne Alkohol!"


That ingredient wasn't even on my radar!

This raises several important questions, such as: Are these intended for children? Or are adults continuing their childhood nostalgia with the purchase of a colorful cardboard box filled with treats? And if so, how many of them really open only one door each day?

This newfound knowledge narrowed down my search considerably. I still read the back of probably 50 or more different calendars.  And possibly even reached a point where I was willing to make sacrifices...rum doesn't have any gluten in it, so it's safe, right??  Thankfully, I found ONE single calendar that met both criteria of being gluten-und-alkoholfrei.  And bonus -- it has a beautiful picture of a train on the front!

A few adult advent calendars came close to slipping into my bag too, but I settled on these for us instead.  

Frohe Weihnachten! Tschüs!


  1. Hi Joanna! Loved your sweet comment today on my blog so I clicked over to read about your adventures. (And laughed a LOT about the title of your blog...very clever:) Thanks for peeking in...and no, I don't think it's weird...I do the same thing and love this medium for connecting when life makes it easy to feel isolated. If you need a vacation...we're not far away..and it's NOT 23 here, ever! P.S. I seriously just went and checked the ingredients on the advent calendar I bought here:) Laura

    1. Thanks!! Spain is definitely on our list of "must visit" places while we're here! I'll let you know when that happens and maybe we could meet for lunch or something. :)